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GOGGALICIOUS by angelblood GOGGALICIOUS by angelblood
It's getting kinda warm in this handbasket. :D

Not bad for my first attempt at Raz, though!
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"Where are we going, and why am i in this handbasket?"
I <3 Raz' expression.
MarsW Sep 1, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Psychonauts slash! O.o *gasp* instant fave!
MsDevin92 Mar 31, 2007
LOL, I loved that part.

"You better watch yerself, Goggalicious."
"What's that, Hair Boy?"


Your coloring skills rawk. :star:
I can hear your brain going snap. :D
Yes, he looks cute, but he also looks like he's scared out of his mind! Poor Bobby, he's got hte whole 'sweep you off your feet' thing going on, now if only he'd fix his teeth!
Well, Raz was probably thinking he'd get all his teeth broken two seconds prior. And Bobby's teeth are only one in a pile of many, many problems that boy has. XD
Awww, I love how Raz is dangling off the ground >w< And he looks so cute, you did a great job with him~sooooo cute :heart: Ha ha, I love how Bobby looks like he's eating his face, and their expressions are excellent >D
Psychofan Oct 12, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
bobby probably has slimy kisses........:sprint::o
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